School spirit strongly displayed during Homecoming

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The Friday of “Spirit Week” was a Z-Day, which meant all classes were shortened to allow for Pep Rally at the end of the day. The entire student and faculty body gathered in the gym to get pumped for the weekend. The Pep Rally consisted of various skits and performances, by a select group of senior emcees, as well as by the pep band and dance team, cheer team, and Step Squad. The varsity football team made a powerful appearance as its members ran into the gym with their jerseys and strong school spirit. The music, enthusiasm, and camaraderie present at Pep Rally made the school ready for the Homecoming festivities.

The actual day of Homecoming was an extremely action-packed day, and it began with the parade that started at Hewlett Elementary School and ended at the high school. The big blue marching band and dance team showcased months’ worth of practice as they proudly marched along Broadway. The chosen Homecoming princes and princesses and king and queen waved to the crowd in stylish convertibles, and each grade proudly presented its banner.

Everyone was glad that the game had ideal weather conditions. A huge crowd of community members, teachers, students and their families were packed into the bleachers. The audience was impressed by the halftime show that consisted of the enthusiastic marching band, dance team, and cheerleaders.

Although the game did not have a positive outcome for Hewlett, Homecoming was still a thrilling time for all students and teachers who engaged in its festivities. As we wipe the paint off our cars and put the decorations away, we are saving our school spirit for next year’s Homecoming.

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