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Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Sewage secret seeps out
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Ann E. Friedman/Herald
Having gone through four boilers in five years due to flooding caused by sewage backup, Gloria Katz suspended her new boiler from the ceiling to avoid having to replace it yet again.

Katz said she has lost boilers, a washer, a dryer and a refrigerator as well as irreplaceable items including family photos, Hebrew books and photos from the Holocaust due to the sewage troubles. She said she spent close to $20,000 to install a sump pump nearly four years ago, and plans to have a backup generator put in by June 1 so the pump can operate during a power outage.

“I emotionally and financially cannot do this anymore,” she said. “I’ve changed my boiler four times in the last five years. Everything in my basement is new, but it only looks pretty for five minutes.”

Muriel Avenue resident Jeff Moskovic, like Katz, has spent many thousands of dollars repeatedly replacing appliances and repairing his basement, he says. “I don’t get reimbursed by my insurance company,” Moskovic said. “I have French drains and four sump pumps to keep it dry. It’s not a drainage issue — this is something above and beyond that. I also have replacement pumps if the pumps fail. It’s almost a mini-career getting the water out of the basement.”

According to Moskovic, the sewage issues have been getting worse in recent years. “What were they doing until now?” he said of the village. “This is devaluing our homes. People don’t want to live in an area where you have to have a paddleboat ready at all times when it rains. We have to be able to live in this area if they want us to pay taxes.”

Moskovic said he would like the village to hire an independent group to study the area in order to come up with an economically feasible solution. “Even if they have to borrow money to fix this problem, it should be made a priority,” he said. “I’m not the only one; it’s not an isolated issue. It’s a Five Towns problem.”

“No one knows how to fix it,” Katz said. “Everyone needs help and no one is telling the truth.”


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Asl the Town of Hempstead (489-5000 and ask for Kate Murray) what they think-see if anyone calls you back-the answer is all the commissioners have no show jobs and they do not care but want the tax bill money they send out bills in January.

Eliminate the town gov't and have your village step up and actually cooperate with Nassau County-say 10 hail Mary's 1st be4 that happens! The problem isthere areway too many duplicative levels of gov't in Nassau County and no one returns calls so there are your answers and good luck with it. I have a dysfunctional village as well so you need to call your Senator and Congressman as well. G-d bless and good luck.....Once the senators get involved then your problem will magically get attention!!!!!This is a fact....

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