Woodmere man invents the ‘Confidence Shell’

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Far Rockaway Psychotherapist David Newman thinks adolescents can benefit from hearing positive sayings about themselves. “Hearing positive affirmations while looking in a mirror is well balanced and helps people come to see and think about things differently,” he said. “When they’re hearing positives on a continual basis, it will have a positive effect.”

The Confidence Shell has a USB adaptor allowing for 30 to 40 new affirmations to be uploaded to the device each month online, Friedman said.

He is also planning to approach Toys “R” Us with the product in the near future and hopes to get a celebrity voice, such as actress and singer Selena Gomez, music artist Katy Perry or actress Demi Lovato, to voice the affirmations.

“Even superstars have gone through having low self-esteem so they understand the issues,” Friedman said. “The problem is it takes money to do that but I’m ready to get this going. Hopefully with some exposure we can get some star power and make this cause take off and help a lot of people out there.”

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