A horrific crime resonates, nearly 25 years later

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Over these 25 years, Robert has grown up in prison, and is now 46. The kids who went to eighth grade at the Woodmere Middle School with Kelly Tinyes are now 38. They have jobs and children and husbands and wives. Some of them have 13-year-old kids themselves. Kelly’s parents have carried on despite the burden of awful memories. Robert Golub gets to wake up every morning, eat his food and sleep in a warm place at night. He has a tomorrow.

For Kelly, the clock and calendar stopped on Friday, March 3, 1989. Those of us who heard the details of the murder were changed forever. Middle-school life, preteen parties, after-school play dates never seemed the same again. All of us parents became more vigilant, more fearful, and a bit less confident in the goodness of the world.

Kelly Tinyes lives only in memory, and because of that, Robert Golub must remain in jail, where he belongs.

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