Coliseum plans move forward without Islanders

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Monti has been involved in real estate for 35 years. He and his team have completed more than 80 projects, and have also done work locally -- renaissance Downtown were master developers in designing the municipality of Hempstead. The company was also the master developers of three other northeast municipalities -- Bristol, Conn., Waterbury, Conn. and Nashua, NH. "This is not just another development opportunity," said Monti. "We have been entrusted with the future growth of Nassau County. We have been asked to create the foundation for job growth, investment confidence and economic opportunities... We will be joined by an extraordinary team of men and women who are respected in their respective disciplines and will fulfill the instructions of the county executive in helping build the future."

Previous attempts at rebuilding the Hub were unsuccessful, but the county executive said he believes that the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy will bring about more unity in local government. “We’re in a post-Sandy era,” he said. “We expect people will work more closely together. We have a mutual goal here to create jobs and opportunities. No one wants to see a darkened Coliseum.”

No financial terms were disclosed, and the county executive said there would eventually be a contractual phase that would be put forth to the Nassau County Legislature.

Wang, who did not speak at the press conference, said in a press release, “We need to get something done with the Coliseum and there is no better person than Bruce to entrust for this project. Bruce is a passionate individual with a proven track record. Once we have this road map, we must work together to bring this to fruition. There are too many jobs at stake and this is too important for Nassau County.”

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