Did President Obama give Tiger a mulligan?

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There are people who will not attend a performance by Vanessa Redgrave because of her outspoken support of Palestinian causes. That doesn’t make sense to me. I can separate the actress and her performance from the woman. (See: Jane Fonda.) But I do understand those who see her work through the prism of her politics.

Going back to Tiger and Lance, Tiger’s successes were legit and hard-won. I can cheer him on in a golf match. I get why the president played a round with him.

Armstrong is a tougher call. We can’t know what he might have achieved in cycling without the doping. We just can’t know. We can’t say that he’s a great athlete.

We do know that he helped many cancer survivors through LiveStrong. Let’s leave it at that. He did some good. But if I were him, I wouldn’t be expecting a call from the president any time soon.

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