Give a vote of support to Valley Stream's school budgets

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Board meetings in February and March were tense. Dozens of students, teachers, parents and community members rose to protest cuts that were being presented. Parents of private-school students organized against changes to the transportation system that were being considered.

Through it all, a proposed budget emerged, one that definitely will offer students less next year. The rifle, bowling and golf teams will be eliminated. More than two dozen teachers and support staff employees will lose their jobs. Class sizes will rise.

Yet we still support this budget. Why? Because if it fails, the situation will be much worse. Tack on another $2.5 million worth of cuts. We don’t want to see programs decimated any further.

The $106.2 million spending plan is far from ideal. But it is a reality of the economic pressures school districts face. There are still a lot of opportunities for students that would be preserved, from college-level courses to career readiness programs.

More cuts would be downright devastating. Support the high school district’s budget.

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