Legislators urge dashboard and body cameras for police

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“I hope it is as comprehensive a pilot program as the bill we filed is,” Abrahams said. “We hope that together we can work out the details to ensure that real transparency and protection is brought to Nassau.”

If this is something they plan on doing, then there should be no problem with the Nassau County Republican Legislative Majority signing on to it.”

James Carver, president of the Nassau Police Benevolent Association, said in a statement that calls for the cameras may be a bit premature, since he said that cameras may violate the privacy of citizens and my compromise the safety of officers.

“Nothing should be done in haste,” Carver said. “There are privacy concerns when dealing with issues relating to juveniles, crime victims, such as victims of domestic abuse and confidential informants.”

Carver also said that there are concerns for the safety of police officers in cars that would have dashboard cameras installed. The cameras, he said, “would expose the undercover officer, creating safety concerns.”

“There should not be a rush to install cameras until thorough research is completed on how, and in what circumstances they will be utilized, and whether they really serve the police and the public.”

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