Carey students dabble in alternative rock


The local band Fromfranklin is just was its name states, a group of five teenage boys who all hail from Franklin Square. Chris Cucinotta, guitar and vocals, Hugh Flynn, guitar, Bryan Mrakovic, drums, Brad Spicher, bass, and Christian Viti, keyboard, are all local students who attend H. Frank Carey High School and have shared their love of music from an earlier age.

Cucinotta, Mrakovic, Spicher and Viti all played under band teacher Paul Tuthill, who is somewhat of a legend at Washington Street Elementary School. Flynn, attended nearby Polk Street, but is no stranger to strong musical training. The boys are now in grades 7 through 9 and have yet to lose their love of music and performing. They put on shows at local restaurants like Murph’s on Hempstead Turnpike and have also played at Carey’s variety show and various local street fairs.

The boys’ passion for music stems from various forms of inspiration. Cucinotta’s father, Jeff played base and is a music teacher in the New York City public schools; he also functions as the group’s pseudo manager and gets the boys to practice in days leading up to a show. Jeff said he’s enjoyed see the boys develop into talented young musicians. “They really are musicians at this tender young age,” Jeff said. “It is a fun way for me to be involved with music.”

When the group practices in the Cucinotta’s basement, you can feel the beat and vibrations of the music down the block. You can also hear the band mates joking around on the trampoline in the backyard Jeff said with a laugh. The boys agreed that part of their success at a young age is the fact that they are good friends first and foremost. When they aren’t jamming together, the can be found playing video games, skate boarding or just hanging out.

When it is time to practice, the group sets to work and commits to constantly improving. The teenagers pick music to cover that isn’t necessarily common among their generation. They cover songs by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and lean toward other alternative rock. On a recent Saturday night, Fromfranklin played for nearly two hours at Murph’s on Hempstead Turnpike in Franklin Square. The group drew a crowd of friends and family members as well as locals who happened upon the show.

The boys relish in playing in front of a live audience and all imagine they’ll continue to play music for the rest of their lives. “Playing in front of a live audience really makes you feel good,” Cucinotta said.

“I don’t care if we get big,” Mrakovic said. “I just want to play.”