A look at the battle for McCarthy’s seat

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Political experience: Scaturro previously ran for Congress in 2010 and 2012, losing both times in the Republican primary to County Legislator Francis Becker. He won the 2012 Conservative Party primary, however, beating Becker via a write-in campaign. Both Scaturro and Becker lost the general election to incumbent Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, a Democrat.

Goals: Making government more responsive; providing children with well-rounded educations; protecting civil rights; outlawing abortion; encouraging job creation; cutting taxes, spending, the deficit and national debt; “fixing” entitlements; repealing the Affordable Care Act; giving people options on their health insurance plans, even across state lines; promoting preventive care and healthier living; strengthening “national defense and intelligence operations”; employing an “all-of-the-above” energy strategy, including renewables and non-renewables; drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; building the Keystone Pipeline; permitting fracking; eliminating illegal immigration by ramping up border security; opposing granting amnesty to all undocumented immigrants; naturalizing some undocumented immigrants.

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