Learning about animals at the library


Animal-loving families were given an amazing treat on Saturday at the Glen Cove Library courtesy of Petland Discounts. Its outreach program stopped by with a variety of neat animals for participants to see up close and even touch.

Twenty adults and their children gathered to learn about all types of animals, from rodents to reptiles to the fluffiest rabbit they had ever seen. The children, ranging from pre-school through elementary school paid close attention to the presenters as they explained all there is to know about the wildlife they brought with them. They were even able to hold certain animals, such as snakes, frogs, and lizards. It was an amazing opportunity to get up close and personal and learn about things which they may not experience in their everyday lives.

The library wanted to provide families with a fun, educational activity to enjoy with their loved ones who were visiting over Thanksgiving weekend. It certainly achieved its goal, as the children and their families all had a fantastic experience.