Avenue Café abruptly closes its doors

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“We noticed that the clientele was slowly dwindling over the last year or so, and all of a sudden people were starting to make predictions, saying that they wouldn’t last,” Kerr said.

Residents weighed in on the restaurant’s closure on the Herald’s Facebook page.

“Loved them when they were Ocean Park Diner, food and service quality went down once they expanded,” wrote Maria Magnolia Zambrano. “It wasn’t the same for me.”

“Food and service was great,” wrote Denise Bory. “[It] would have been better if they accepted charge cards. Who uses cash anymore?”

“Food was OK, service was slow … the place was nice, that’s about it,” wrote Shari Stein.

Kerr said he hopes the space does not remain vacant for too long. “I would say try to open another restaurant there, but a restaurant that size costs a lot of money to operate,” he said.

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