Chamber planning street fairs on Superblock

Events aimed at attracting visitors, supporting businesses


The Long Beach Chamber of Commerce is organizing two large street fairs this summer in an effort to attract visitors to the city and help local businesses that are still reeling eight months after Hurricane Sandy.

The events are scheduled for July 20-21 and Sept. 7-8, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., on the vacant Superblock property on Shore Road, between Long Beach Road and Riverside Boulevard.

Chamber Executive Vice President Mark Tannenbaum said that the fairs would feature local businesses. “There has never been a street fair done in Long Beach,” Tannenbaum said. “You’re going to see a lot of local merchants. You’ll see a lot of the local food establishments. Plus, we’re going to have a sampling of the different craft items that people come down for.”

Nassau County Craft Shows, which organizes similar events at Eisenhower Park and Garden City, will produce the street fairs with the chamber and collect fees for the events, some of which may be used to cover police and sanitation overtime. Booth prices will range from $125 to $400, with heavily discounted prices for local businesses and chamber members. Tannenbaum said that he is expecting vendors to fill 150 to 200 booths as well as a number of food trucks.

The only food vendors permitted, according to the chamber, will be those from the barrier island and Island Park. Retail, craft fair and other businesses that do not compete with local merchants will be able to participate if booths are available.

Tannenbaum said that the chamber has already secured a contract with the property managers of the Superblock, iStar Financial Management LLC, and that it submitted a special event permit application to the city.

Recreation Department Commissioner Bob Piazza, however, said that he has received only “tentative” applications for the street fairs. “As soon as the chamber gives the city the completed application, detailing where they plan to park vehicles for the expected 6,000 visitors, as well as what type of services they will need provided, the city will be able to better review the application,” Piazza said. “At this time, complete information has not yet been provided to the city.

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