City launches neighborhood emergency program

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Though Schnirman has called on providers to improve their communications capabilities to prepare for future disasters — such as setting up mobile cell towers, backup power and creating better access to cell providers — Council President Scott Mandel said that the NET Program will become an integral part of the city’s overall strategy for preparing citizens for a disaster and supporting emergency responses.

“The NET Program aims to prepare our community with the skills needed to be safe and effective when disaster strikes, with a priority placed on the improved and efficient dissemination of information in an emergency situation,” Mandel said.

According to the city, a NET volunteer will consist of anyone who is active and involved in the community or is looking to get involved. The program will connect volunteers with a network of fellow participants all working together, and create partnerships with existing community groups that have demonstrated a “long-standing commitment to Long Beach and its residents.”

Anyone interested in joining the NET

Program may e-mail

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