L.B. residents grow frustrated with LIPA, garbage

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“Tennessee Avenue has nothing in between Beech and Oceanview – no gas and electric,” resident Tomiann Jackson told the Herald on Facebook.

“There's no power in Lido Beach and one of my parent's neighbors said it would take two to three weeks until power is restored,” Jake Mihovski said.

“No power on West Park,” Maureen Graham Harris said. “Piles of trash outside since day two and I am freezing.”

Though many residents say that the restoration of power in some parts of the city is encouraging, many others have made things clear: Residents are still displaced, in the dark and in the cold. And if residents weren't expressing frustration with LIPA or dealing with representatives from FEMA or National Grid, it was over the piles of garbage and bulk trash outside homes and businesses that have become ubiquitous throughout the city.

“I live on Franklin and State Street and no garbage has been removed,” Nadine Cohen Watts told the Herald on Thursday. “There is no sign of LIPA or National Grid. I'm confused because first they said each and every home would be inspected and now the website said we need to have home inspected by a licensed electrician. So I ask, where are you supposed to find one?”

According to the city, sanitation crews are picking up debris, bagged and bulk items daily, including on the weekends. Residents are instructed to leave trash at the curb, and to not block fire hydrants. Residents are also being told to separate bulk trash from regular garbage and to remove doors from refrigerators left for bulk pickup. Still, as the city faces the daunting task of removing large piles of debris from every block in Long Beach, residents have expressed concern. City Manager Jack Schnirman said that sanitation pickup is a top priority and that crews are working seven-days a week, and said the effort is being done "as quickly as humanly possible." Large trucks could be seen carting debris throughout the city on Saturday.

“East Harrison Street ... my block had garbage pickup once with a crane yet a few houses, mine included, were left without pickup,” said resident Cindy Lann Christou. “Fifty plus bags of trash [left] smelling. No mail or electric on my block either. FEMA makes appointments and then don't come. Mail -- is it all being delivered? Some say back-up will be left in Garden City. No home, no electric, no information ... but a lot of trash.”

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