Letters to the Editor: East Rockaway, Lynbrook

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  Tony’s everywhere — on Main Street and Atlantic Avenue, in stores, at East Rockaway and Lynbrook school events, holding office hours in Village Hall, partnering with our first responders to keep the community safe, and passing his third no-tax-increase budget — while maintaining and improving all town services.
  Santino spearheaded the new bulkheading of Bay Park’s Grand Canal, and was both a wealth of information and a vital resource during and after Sandy. He’s helped so many neighbors rebuild and return home since last year.
  But above all, Santino is our neighbor, and he’s earned our support and vote because he understands our unique issues. He’s one of the loudest voices for repairing the Sandy-damaged Bay Park Sewage Plant, and has fought long and hard for its pre-storm upgrades. More recently, he facilitated a grant of $200,000 for the village to upgrade Oxbow Park in East Rockaway. That’s an unmatched record of accomplishment for our community. 
Santino has my vote.
Harold J. Messerschmitt Jr.
East Rockaway


Don’t blame Republicans

To the Editor:
       I had to laugh when I read longshot County Legislature candidate Lisa Daniels’ recent Herald questionnaire. She cannot possibly be serious when she blames Republicans for the release of sewage from the Bay Park Sewage Plant after a nine-foot wall of water flooded out the facility. But, sadly, I think she is.
I am surprised Daniels doesn’t blame Republicans for causing Hurricane Sandy and its flooding to begin with. We all know that nothing can be further from the truth.
Hundreds of millions of dollars were invested into the plant, thanks to County Executive Ed Mangano, Legislator Howard Kopel and Councilman Anthony Santino. They reversed a decade of neglect during which the plant racked up DEC violations and was on the brink of collapse.
Billy F. Kouvatsos
East Rockaway

Thanks Herald for its endorsement

To the Editor:
  I am truly humbled and I greatly appreciate the Herald’s endorsement for my re-election to the Town Board. Thank you! 

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