Letters to the Editor: East Rockaway, Lynbrook

April 3-9,2014


School’s decision is not village’s

The following letter was addressed to local veterans and shared with the Herald.

Dear Lynbrook veterans:

The board and I recognize the sacrifices you have made for our country, and we are proud of your service.

This is why we continue to offer tax exemptions of up to 50 percent each year. We are proud to say that in 2008, the Village of Lynbrook was one of the first in New York to expand veterans’ exemptions benefits to also include those from the Cold War.

There are currently 678 Lynbrook veterans who enjoy the exemptions granted by the village. Although we can never thank you enough, we can continue to pay tribute and honor you for your sacrifices. As Memorial Day approaches, there is not a day that goes by that the board and I don’t salute your service to our country.

  The Lynbrook Board of Education’s decisions do not reflect our longstanding policies including offering veterans additional exemptions. The school board is totally separate and distinct from the village, and the trustees and I do not have input in these decisions.

We encourage any vet who may have recently moved to the Village of Lynbrook to call (516) 593-6505 for an application for a veteran’s exemption.

William J. Hendrick
Mayor of Lynbrook


Says school board turned its back on veterans

To the Editor:

I was one of the two dozen veterans who attended the last Lynbrook school board meeting to learn, after the fact, why board trustees turned their backs on our veterans and voted against a state approved tax break — a tax break given by surrounding school districts to their veterans. I am a former Lynbrook Village trustee and Vietnam-era veteran myself.

The Herald’s story “Vets get a break in East Rockaway” (Mar. 20-26) left out some additional information from that meeting. First, school board President Alicemarie Bresnihan allowed only four veterans to speak during the public comment period, and when American Legion Commander Henry Speicher got up to speak, Bresnihan told him he was out of order and would not allow any more comments.

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