Long Beach schools work to reopen

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Parents are being asked fill out a form on the district’s website — www.lbeach.org — so school administrators can locate all students and begin planning for transportation and other logistical needs.

Some buildings experienced damage, but clean up and repairs are under way, the district said. In a message to parents on Sunday, Schools Superintendent David Weiss said that, “Long Beach has suffered the greatest tragedy in history.”

“The flooding has created many unique issues for our community,” he wrote. “Officials are working to restore services soon. Unfortunately, communication is still poor. Cell phone service is shoddy at best. There is no electricity or Internet here.”

Weiss said that school officials have been working to get Long Beach schools back up and running, “so that we can return as great a sense of normalcy to the lives of our children as we can. We want to be in a position to help our students and our community as best we can.”

But Weiss noted the challenges ahead.

“We have limited ability to communicate because of the loss of infrastructure in the region, and in particular the loss of infrastructure in Long Beach. We will be supplying you with information in the near future about where and when you can direct inquiries. At the moment we do not have staff available to answer questions. We need to collect your current location and mobile numbers. If you have Internet access, we are going to ask you to provide it via the Internet. A form will be available to you to fill out sometime Monday morning. For those without Internet, including people still in Long Beach, we have established a phone bank at BOCES, using the 897-2000 to collect your location and mobile numbers. We asked that this be used only by people without Internet access.”

Weiss said that with the help of BOCES, the district will have guidance counselors available on Tuesday to help high school seniors with early decision college applications from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (this will be at the BOCES Farber Center at the intersection of Clinton Road and Stewart Avenue).
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