Power restored in many parts of Long Beach

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However, the sewer system, which was fully operational earlier this week, was back down on Saturday due to a LIPA power issue, city officials said, and residents are being told to not flush their toilets. Tepper said drinking water had been tested and received approval from the Nassau County Health Department, though residents were asked to conserve water.

At a press conference in Long Beach last Saturday, where he was joined by City Manager Jack Schnirman and other officials, Cuomo said that he was holding LIPA accountable for the delays in power restoration. “The utilities are regulated by the state of New York and authorized by the state of New York, and we expect them to perform,” he said. “But there’s only one person that really matters when it comes to success, and that’s you and your home. It doesn’t matter how many people have gotten their power back until you get your power back …”

LIPA said that it had energized supply to all of the Long Island Rail Road lines with the exception of Long Beach and Far Rockaway, due to severe flooding. Metropolitan Transportation Authority Spokesman Sal Arena said that the LIRR was working “around the clock” to address power, signal and track issues.

“Our goal is to restore service as soon as possible,” Arena said. “Electrical substations were flooded out and [the] lead bridge was left without power. Full testing of power sources, track, signals and bridges will be necessary before service returns.”

Arena said that the LIRR was reopening the Long Beach station’s waiting room as a comfort station for residents. The waiting room, which has been thoroughly cleaned, offers heat, water and restrooms. It is also equipped with power strips to charge cell phones and other electronic devices. According to Arena, it will be open on weekdays from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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