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Thursday, May 26, 2016
State to release $1.7 billion in Sandy aid
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Courtesy Sam Kinsley/Facebook
West End resident Sam Kinsley, far right, demolished her Sandy-damaged home on Pennsylvania Avenue in April.

NY Rising representatives are currently assisting residents and business owners with the application process at the Ice Arena. Applicants may need to provide copies of their deeds, their most recent mortgage statements, insurance policies, contractor estimates, tax returns, and denial or approval letters from their insurance companies, FEMA or the Small Business Administration.

“They say, ‘Come to the Ice Arena,’ but don’t tell you what you need to bring,” Daly said. “I have at least 25 pieces of paper I need to scan and attach to the form.”

Pennsylvania Avenue resident Sam Kinsley, who knocked down her Sandy-damaged home on April 15, said that after three hours of working on her application, she wasn’t nearly done.

“I think [this funding] is going to be the same, if not worse, with this process we have to go through,” Kinsley said. “The application process is beyond comprehensible. I spent three hours doing it and my eyes got blurry. It took less time to get a master’s degree than to do this ridiculous paperwork. And there’s no guarantee of what they’re going to give. I’m not hopeful for any of this money. I’m more hopeful that I’d win the Mega Millions.”

NY Rising

NY Rising representatives are assisting residents and business owners with the application process at the Long Beach Recreation Center and Ice Arena, 700 Magnolia Blvd., from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information visit www.nysandyhelp.ny.gov or call (855) NYS-SANDY.


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The Grants have lots of catches. If you did not have flood insurance, did not qualify for a SBA loan and had in excess of FEMA verified 41,900 in damage you go to the front of the line as well you should.

They also asked for all your tax information. You also need licensed contractors to do work who need to provide W9s etc. Under 90K a year income is the magic number to get more money.

It is great the state is doing this but honestly few folks unless they have to be ICC complaint with less than 41,900 in uncovered damage will be covered. In fact they should not be covered.

Remember FEMA pays up to 31,900 and NY HRRF pays up to 10k.

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