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Thursday, May 26, 2016
EAST MEADOW: support the budget; re-elect Fanelli
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Scott Eckers, a first-time challenger, seems to genuinely care about making a difference in the district. He has lots of ideas and is extremely articulate, and we think he could also be an asset to the board. He’s running for all of the right reasons.

But we believe that the seven current trustees, who have worked together for four years, have become a cohesive unit, despite their diverse backgrounds, and have done the community proud. They are ever present at community meetings other than their own, and have consistently passed financially sound budgets. We see no reason to break them up. If one of them should leave in the near future, however, Eckers should be next in line.

A third name voters will see on the ballet, Joseph Danenza, is a four-year incumbent running unopposed. Without a doubt, the community is lucky to have him as trustee. His background in both finance and technology is a great benefit, and he’s extremely approachable and easy to talk to.

Approve the library spending plan

The East Meadow Public Library’s proposed 2014-15 budget is $7.05 million, a 1.71 percent year-over-year increase, and we encourage voters to support it. Anyone who has been to the library recently can see that it is one of the community’s most vibrant, enriching facilities. It goes above and beyond to bring a wide variety of educational programs to patrons that they won’t see anywhere else, except perhaps a city museum.


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Is the East Meadow Herald really endorsing a candidate solely because he has been part of the seven trustees and they have worked well together for four years? Please tell me how they have made the community proud? From my personal experience these last 2 years, it has been quite the opposite. They have not made community members proud for they do not know how to communicate or respond to their concerns. When asked direct questions at board meetings they do not answer them or defer them to the president of the board who states that they we will take that on advisement. Mr. Deangelo the Superintendent has commented when parents have asked the board members direct questions that Mr. Deangelo had refused to answer that he is the board and he speaks for the board. From my understanding the Superintendent is supposed to report to the board not the other way around. The current board and the superintendent is very nervous that someone may come in and question the way they have been operating. Our superintendent has used nothing but intimidation tactics against parents who speak out against him. The lack of communication via phone, email or letter by the superintendent and the board has made them look poorly in the eyes of the public here in East Meadow and in other communities who cannot believe the sheer arrogance of them. In my seven years living here and attending events for this community the only time any Board member has been at any event was this past Tuesday. Corey Fanelli was at the Barnum Woods concert and I believe only because there is a real threat to his position on the board.

Why should Scot Eckers wait and be next in line because you don't want to break them up? Voting for Scott Eckers on Tuesday May 20th is the best way to get the concerns of East Meadow residents heard and to put the power back where it belongs...in the hands of the board of education who represent the community!

Saturday, May 17, 2014 | Report this

Mr. Fanelli, a law school student who seems to be an aspiring politician, is the policies chairman on the BOE. The policies are failures. You have a young member with absolutely no experience in education, other than having been a recent student himself, helping to dictate failed policy. He's a nice kid, I guess, but we need someone who can actually speak for the families with kids in school. The current board is made up of businessmen who are pretty good at keeping taxes down but pretty bad at running quality public schools. Please vote for Scott Eckers on Tuesday, May 20th. Parents: this will be good for your kids. Homeowners: this will be good for your home's value.

Saturday, May 17, 2014 | Report this

I am writing here to ask for your support on Tuesday as I seek a position on the East Meadow Board of Education. Some of you may know me from helping with the district's musicals and concerts or from the various non-profit activities with which I am involved. I believe in a first-class education here; I am an educator in the Syosset Central School District and would like to see some of East Meadow's failing policies fixed. My experience as a public school teacher and my training as a school district administrator put me in a unique position to help the Board move in a positive direction for our families. I hold two Master's degrees and will be finishing an Ed.D program this year. Thank you and please vote tomorrow at your local elementary school.

Monday, May 19, 2014 | Report this

It's very disheartening to see that the East Meadow Herald had already made the decision that if Mr. Eckers won the election, he should be the first one to toss out at the next election. And what do you base this decision on? The fact that the board members work well together is not a good enough reason. To be taken seriously, you need to give concrete facts as to what a person has or hasn't done to deserve a spot on the board. They work for the folks of East Meadow and not the Superintendent, regardless of what the status quo has been. I will be watching Mr. Eckers closely since I am hoping he WILL stir things up for the sake of our children.

Sunday, May 25, 2014 | Report this
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