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Lynbrook High School students ‘All In’

Annual Class Night a hit


In a tradition spanning more than eight decades, Lynbrook High School students pulled out all the stops to present the 86th annual Class Night skits. Students worked for weeks to create original scripts, costumes, sets and choreography, entertaining family and fellow classmates with their energy, originality and humor.

The theme of this year’s competition was “All In.” Each class created an original skit demonstrating the importance of working together to achieve a goal. The freshmen visited Neverland, showing what happens when the lost boys are ready to wake up to reality. In the sophomore skit, the Seven Dwarfs worked together to prevent the evil queen’s attempts to thwart the marriage of Snow White and her handsome prince. The juniors visited the land of Monsters Inc., putting the monsters to work to undo Randall’s attempts to bring scaring back to the company. The seniors presented their final Class Night skit on a nostalgic note with Elmo, Big Bird and the other Sesame Street characters working together to help Cookie Monster overcome his addiction to cookies.

All of the skits featured elaborate sets, costumes and dance numbers and were laced with witty puns and clever cultural references. Performances were judged according to five separate criteria: skits, scenery, costumes, box and banner.