Lynbrook spending plan deserves approval


This is the second time since the state implemented a cap on the amount of revenue schools can raise through property taxes that the Lynbrook School District has crafted a budget that comes in under the allowable rate. At 1.52 percent, this is the district’s lowest tax levy increase in decades.

Due to reductions in debt service, the district managed to keep all programs and services in its proposed spending plan, which, at $76.19 million, is 2.32 percent larger than the current budget. We urge voters to approve it.

Two additional propositions will be on the ballot. Proposition 2 is a request for $600,000 from the technology replacement fund to upgrade the district’s computer network infrastructure, to replace outdated technology and to create a disaster recovery mechanism. Proposition 3 would allocate $1.39 million of the $3.9 million remaining in capital reserves to renovate the track at South Middle School, and replace a tennis court and bleachers. Neither proposition will affect the budget or the tax levy.

Keep Belmont, Kayen on the school board

Longtime Board of Education Trustee Bill Belmont is running unopposed, and newcomer Heather Hanson is challenging Bill Kayen, who would like a third term.

Kayen has proved that he is a team player and, with older children who have aged out of the district, he does not have a personal agenda. To her credit, Hanson appears to have a genuine desire be a part of the process, and we think she should consider running again when another opportunity presents itself.

The Herald endorses Belmont and Kayen.