North addition over budget

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The project will be part of proposition three, which will also ask the community to use $1.25 million from the capital reserves to replace a boiler in Lynbrook High School and to air condition the general purpose room at South. If approved, there would be $2.48 million left in the capital reserve.

Proposition two calls for using $300,000 from the district’s technology replacement fund reserve to purchase new classroom projectors, new classroom computers and the implementation of infrastructure for off-site disaster recovery.

Using money from reserves does not impact the district’s tax levy.

Also at the meeting, Lynch outlined the district’s revenue side of the preliminary 2014-15 budget, including money from state aid and using about $729,000 from the retirement reserve.

At the district’s first budget presentation on Feb. 5, administrators summarized a majority of the proposed $77.26 million spending plan, including salaries, health benefits and curriculum costs. There is a budget-to-budget increase of 1.36 percent under the proposed plan. Lynbrook’s maximum allowable tax levy — the amount that districts can raise revenue through property taxes — is 1.46 percent.

The board will vote to adopt the budget at its meeting on March 12 and the public will have the ultimate say on the budget and other propositions on May 20.

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