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Pippin doesn’t present the aerial fats like Spiderman; Instead all the magic of Pippin comes from human athleticism. Incorporating spectacular gymnastics in the style of Cirque du Soleil, Gypsy Snider, co-founder of Les 7 doigts de la main, is responsible for Circus Creation in the show. The problem is that most of the breathtaking tricks are in the first act. The second act, when Pippin finds his true contentment, lacks the magic and in some ways, the audience is disappointed. Perhaps that is why the ending of this revival is slightly different from the original. Yet it still lacks sparkle.

The music and lyrics are by Stephen Schwartz and the book by Roger O. Hirson. Although based on two real-life figures in history, Pippin is a fictional story. The show has become a staple for high school theater departments so many will find the music is familiar. The choreography by Chet Walker is modeled after that of Bob Fosse, the show’s original choreographer. The story is simple but the spectacle and the “magic” make it exhilarating and the signature Fosse dance moves, compete with top hats and canes, are exciting.

It’s a circus- no - it’s a musical- no- it’s Pippin. Magical and awesome.

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