School's Open — Drive Carefully

Lynbrook Police Department partners with AAA for annual safe-driving campaign


Sergeant Brian Paladino, of the Lynbrook Police Department, along with local school children, helped AAA New York to launch its 69th annual “School’s Open — Drive Carefully” campaign at the Lynbrook police headquarters.

Colorful “School’s Open” posters will be mounted in Lynbrook to warn motorists to be extra careful as thousands of local youngsters return to school.

“The help that we get from our club-area police departments adds to the effectiveness of our ‘School’s Open’ campaign,” said Donna Galasso, assistant director of the club’s Traffic Safety unit. “We appreciate the efforts of Sergeant Paladino and the entire Lynbrook Police Department which will result in increased safety for all students.”

Galasso reminds drivers, including bicyclists, to be especially cautious in school areas, keeping their speed at or below posted limits and being prepared to stop, on both sides of the street, for school buses with flashing red lights, as required by New York State law.

The Club’s annual “School’s Open — Drive Carefully” campaign is conducted with local government and police agencies. Thousands of posters, bumper stickers and other educational materials are distributed through the program.

AAA New York State program began in 1945. Since then, it has helped to prevent injuries and deaths among children of elementary school age.

What is the School’s Open — Drive Carefully’ campaign?

AAA’s “School’s Open-Drive Carefully” campaign is conducted every fall to remind drivers to watch out for school children as they head back to school. The nationwide campaign is designed to reduce the number of traffic crashes involving school-age pedestrians and school bus riders. AAA clubs distribute nearly two million pieces of material annually, including posters, banners, bumper stickers and literature carrying one simple message: be extra careful behind the wheel as schools reopen after summer vacation.

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