Summer bible camp a hit

First year pastor brings new program to church


Born from Pastor Alex Kennedy’s childhood memories, Lynbrook Lutheran Church held its first summer bible camp from Aug. 4 through 8.

Campers, ranging from preschoolers to sixth graders , were treated to a nightly “jungle safari” theme, according to Pastor Alex Kennedy, which guided them as they got a closer look at the nature of God through bible readings, games, and songs. “We wanted to have this event to invite kids to do something fun at their church. I think as the summer goes on, kids can begin to get bored, so we wanted to offer them something new to experience,” Kennedy said.

He said that the idea of hosting a one-week bible camp got him no shortage of reactions when he first suggested it. “Most of the people in the room pretty much just looked at me funny,” Kennedy said. However, after hearing more about the first-year pastor’s idea, the team at Lynbrook Lutheran Church saw its potential. “After I explained it more, people started to come around and we decided to give it a try — and I think it turned out really well.”

The idea first came to him when he looked back on his own youth, Kennedy said. “I really thought this was something that would be a great idea to do. When I thought back to when I was a kid, some of the best memories I have of summers was spending time at bible camps like the one we had here.”

Kennedy said that older members of the congregation also got in on the fun, with members of the parish serving as teachers throughout the camp. Parishioners that narrowly missed the sixth grade age limit also got a chance to pitch in, with many middle and high school students spending time at the camp as aides. “This was really an event for the whole parish community,” Kennedy said. “We have to remember that while our children really are the future, it is still our to raise them, to teach them, and give them a chance to have fun, in a safe, loving environment,”

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