‘Tri-ing for Uncle Brian’

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Already well-conditioned because of swimming, Michael said his daughter did some light training to improve her biking and running skills. Her motivation, however, was not to finish quickly, but to honor her uncle. “Last year, [Brian] was so overwhelmed and so proud that she did this for him,” Michael said. “I’m sure he was just as proud looking down over the last couple of months.”

Anabelle is the second youngest of Michael and Adrienne’s four children — Eleanor, 15, is a student at East Meadow High School, James is a seventh grader at Woodland Middle School, and their youngest, Stella, will be 3 in November. Adrienne is an East Meadow High School graduate, having moved from Queens when she was in Elementary School. After marrying Michael, a Lynbrook native, the couple have lived together in East Meadow since 2001.

In School, Anabelle is a member of the school’s safety patrol. “That’s my daughter,” Michael said. “She’s always helping out people.”

And fresh off her most recent triathlon, she’s already looking ahead to next year, when she will, for a third time, be “Tri-ing for Uncle Brian.”

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