67 down, 12 to come


If you checked out the list of Nassau County intersections that purportedly have red light cameras on the internet — particularly on Facebook — and now believe you know where they all are, think again. That hugely-published list is bogus, according to the man who should know.

“I saw the list on Facebook the other day, and it has more than 100 locations and some of them are locations that have been rejected outright by the county or never even considered,” said Christopher Mistron, the traffic safety coordinator for the county’s Department of Public Works. “The list is false. I am the only person in the county that has a comprehensive list and I have never released it to anyone.”

Mistron said that there are 67 present red light camera in operation and 12 others “under various stages of consideration, planning, design and construction.”

Motorists who go through an intersection under a red light are automatically photographed by the camera and a fine is issued by mail, accompanied by a photo of the motorist going through the intersection and a link to a short video.

Most recently the transgression will cost a motorist a $50 fine plus a $30 administrative fee — a total of $80.

Mistron provided a list of those red light cameras on the streets of West Hempstead. There are none currently listed in Malverne.

The existing lights in West Hempstead are at the intersection of Peninsula Boulevard and Southern State Parkway; Hempstead Turnpike and Cherry Valley Avenue.

Mistron said that there are no others in Oceanside.

“Anybody who claims to have a different list of locations is wrong, as no such list exists,” he said.