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Monday, May 30, 2016
It's time to unite before it's too late

The first federal government shutdown in 17 years has reached Week 2. The catalyst? The debt limit. The accelerant? Obamacare.

The longer this shutdown is dragged out, the longer the taxpayer will continue to suffer. This is a terrible disservice to the American people.

In the constant blame game that has become the norm in Washington, Republicans are now starting to point fingers at each other. They must get their act together! In just days, Congress is going to be faced with the decision of whether to increase the debt limit. If the House and Senate fail to increase the limit, which is now $16.7 trillion, the U.S. will not be able to pay its bills. In turn, stock prices will drop considerably, interest rates will spike and economic growth will slow to an almost complete halt.

Wall Street isn’t the only industry feeling the impact of the shutdown. Up to 1 million civilian and non-essential government workers have been furloughed. The gates and doors of many of America’s national parks and museums have been closed and locked.

Here on Long Island, about 8,000 federal workers have been furloughed. According to reports, many of them are in support or clerical positions. However, as the Long Island housing market continues to bounce back, many are concerned that federally backed FHA or V.A. loans could face lengthy delays, slowing down the recent resurgence.

The deadlock will also impact much-needed storm-recovery projects across Long Island. The Herald quoted Federal Emergency Management Agency spokesman Dan Watson saying that “The review and approval of local recovery projects and spending plans may be delayed until the resumption of normal government activities.”

FEMA has warned that the shutdown could potentially delay the reimbursement process for the City of Long Beach, a community that is depending on public assistance grants to rebuild. According to the Herald, approximately 20 percent of the Long Beach population remains displaced. This situation isn’t unique to Long Beach — the struggles of communities all along the South Shore will be prolonged by the impasse in Washington.


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for once I can agree with you Al and Pete King (who I only agreed with his comments about Michael Jackson)

Your Republican party has been taken over but the extreme right wind nut cases in middle america who hate our president because he is a black man. Where was the all the complaining about deficits when president Chenney put is into 2 wars without paying for them. It is the same as Nassau County were we are still paying for Tom Golluta giving away the store to the Police (just look at where all your local taxes go) to get there vote .

That is why we need to elect atheists and agnostics to our government to get rid of people who do not believe in evolution and think the bible is all true. Instead of voter registration laws there should be a voter intelligence test that if you cannot pass you cannot vote (or run for office).

Monday, October 14, 2013 | Report this

The comment from independent1 illustrates perfectly what is wrong with this country. This Bozo is quick to vilify those evil Republicans, and uses all the appropriate code words: extreme, nut case, etc. He, like all typical liberal trash also easily plays the race card.

What this moron does not and cannot understand is that most of the country, and yes, even those "middle America" types he or she despises so much are Conservative in nature. He is too stupid to use reason or rational thought that you cannot spend your way to prosperity, you cannot promise the world in free stuff without any means to pay for it, something his messiah Obama and yes, even Republicans before him have done.

I do agree with this clown that there should be a voter intelligence test for everyone. Fortunately, this deranged little man would never pass.

Monday, October 14, 2013 | Report this

Jackson I am actually liberal on social issues but fiscally conservative.

I play the race card since most polls and from listening to what they say Tea Party members and most republicans are racist @*&#^!s, there are plenty of racists on the liberal side as well.

If you listen to most economists we do need to spend our way back to recover, austerity has not worked just look at Europe and Japan as an example.

And what I said was we are in this hole because Chenney/Bush put is into 2 wars that they did not pay for (and the bills have come due) and the deregulation of laws governing Wall Street.

The problem is out government is owned by Corporations (who you must believe are people too) and is more beholden to them then to the people.

I'm sure I know more about American and World history then you will ever know (especially if you are watching Fox News)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013 | Report this
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