Long Island International Film Expo

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In addition to Young and Lo Bianco, comedian Jackie Martling stars as a seedy underworld club-owner. The movie also features Robert Clohessy (of “Blue Bloods” and “Boardwalk Empire” fame), Donna DeCianni, and Russ Camarda.
The film was shot throughout the area, including, Baldwin, Island Park, Old Brookville and the Five Towns. “Long Island is a breeding ground for talent both in front and behind the camera,” said Carpenter.
Written by Lee Kolinsky, a Bellmore resident, and career cop Michael Lovaglio, “Send No Flowers” follows Toni (Young), who runs the city through the voice of her aging father Anthony (Lo Bianco). After Anthony is gunned down, Toni must join forces with her estranged sister to maintain control of the family before a hostile takeover ruins their lives.
“ ‘Send No Flowers’ is really a story about two sisters Toni (Young) and Ava (Donna DeCianni),” said Kolinsky. “It’s about their relationship and how their family business has affected the sisters.” The story explores Toni and Ava’s view of their father and his lifestyle. Toni views the criminal aspect and wants the power, while Ava is blinded by the wealth. It also investigates the greed and jealousy of the rival crime family.
“I’ve tried to make a clever movie,” said Carpenter. “I like to think of it as a modern-day mob picture.”
The opening night film block also includes “Wet Behind the Ears,” from director-producer-writer Sloan Copeland. It’s a story about a recent college graduate and her journey through the job market. It takes a comical look at joblessness and adjusting to the “real world” in a way that resonates with today’s underemployed generation. “In some sense it’s a coming of age story,” said Markowitz, “and it is very well done.”
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