Malverne Community Theatre seeks committee heads


The Malverne Community Theatre - an organization dedicated to producing imaginative theatrical works and impacting the cultural landscape of Malverne and surrounding areas - is making a fresh start after 40 years. In order to help propel the company into the 21st century, the MCT is looking for skilled and motivated volunteers to act as heads of the following committees:

Fundraising committee: Experience in non-profit fundraising preferred. Responsibilities include overseeing the company's overall fundraising strategy, establishing a fundraising plan, knowledge of grant writing, knowledge of fundraising laws and soliciting funds from external supporters. Working with the president and the board of directors, this person should take an active role in brainstorming and organizing fundraising events in line with the company's overall image and goals.

Membership committee: The head of this committee is responsible for overseeing the maintenance of the membership database, contacting members when needed and organizing special member-only events and promotions. Working with the president and board of directors, this individual should take an active role in sustaining current members and recruiting new members. 

Promotions and PR committee: Experience in professional public relations, promotions and a knowledge of social media marketing highly preferred. This individual is responsible for increasing the presence of the company on all relevant social networking sites, the company website when applicable and using email and other mass communication methods to provide valuable information to members, supporters and all interested parties. Working very closely with the president and board of directors, this person is responsible for promoting the company's brand and maintaining the image of the company through all of its activities.

Interviews are being conducted on the night of June 14 at 6:00 p.m. at the Malverne Historical Society, at 390 Ocean Ave. Interested people need not live in Malverne to apply or participate. We will also be looking for knowledgeable, motivated individuals to serve on these committees. So, if you have any experience in these areas, please apply anyway.

Interested individuals should email their resume to David Coonan, president of the Malverne Community Theatre, at, by June 10.