Newcomer challenges Troiano for seat

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Troiano: My education, business career and experience in government have provided me with the skills needed to effectively serve as a county legislator. After graduating from Brown University with a B.A., I attended Stanford where I earned a Masters in Business with a minor in Government Management. Before becoming an elected official I worked in finance, rising to the level of SVP and Treasurer of one the largest securities firms in the world. For the last 22 years I have been dedicated to serving my community, first as a school board trustee then as a councilman and now as a county legislator. All of these experiences have equipped me for the office I now hold.

Blanchard: I believe that the simple fact that I am not a politician by trade qualifies me to be the best candidate for the Legislative office. I am a hard working tax payer and father of four, who is simply fed-up with politicians playing games with peoples well-being and falling short from their processes.

What is the most important issue that you will face as a legislator?

Troiano: The main issue homeowners have throughout Nassau County is high property taxes. The Mangano administration has tried to shrink our way out of it by laying off staff which has burdened their families and weakened the mild economy recovery we’re experiencing without lowering our tax bills. It’s time to try growing our way out of high taxes by expanding our economic base. If I win re-election, I will push for the County to support development projects around the Coliseum, facilitate the $2 billion revitalization of downtown Hempstead as well as other projects in Glen Cove and Long Beach. These projects will generate additional tax revenue which will enable current residents’ taxes to be contained.

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