Sen. Fuschillo announces new DWI regulations

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If the driver has three or four alcohol- or drug-related convictions but no serious driving offense in the last 25 years, the DMV will deny the application for five years beyond the statutory revocation period if the applicant’s license was revoked for a reason other than an alcohol- or drug-related offense, and restore the applicant’s license after that additional period as a “restricted” license limiting the applicant’s driving to travel to and from work or medical visits.

Repeat DUI offenders whose driver’s licenses are suspended or revoked will no longer be able to get their licenses reinstated early by completing DMV’s drinking driver program.

According to the DMV, more than 50,000 drivers with valid or suspended licenses have three or more alcohol-related convictions, and 15,000 of those drivers had three or more alcohol-related convictions in the last 20 years.

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