Welcoming May, harbinger of happier days

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Besides the month-long commemorations, every day in May has an honor associated with it. May 2 is Baby Day. As I said, you have to love this month. Who’s going to argue with Baby Day? My very own baby was born on May 5, 39 years ago.

Of course, not everyone can be expected to jump on board for Save the Rhino Day on May 1, but there aren’t that many of them left in the wild, so, hard on the heels of Earth Day, it’s a good thing to raise awareness.

The first Friday in May is … you guessed it, International Tuba Day. You’d never find this in January. The tuba, in all its exuberance, is clearly a springtime uber-instrument.

May 16 is Love a Tree Day, and I confess to loving several trees, unconditionally. My favorite is the one that has been standing on my front lawn for as long as I’ve lived here, 41 years. A huge multi-branched maple, it has hosted bird families and climbing kids and aggressive squirrels that have leapt from its branches to the roof and eventually into our attic. As the seasons turn, so does the tree, my sentinel, the leafy anchor to our little piece of America.

On another note, May hosts Be a Millionaire Day, very popular among everyone with a pulse. There is Learn About Composting Day, not a crowd pleaser, National Macaroon Day, Tap Dance Day, National Escargot Day, Visit Your Relatives Day and Lumpy Rug Day. Yeah, I had to research that one. Lumpy Rug Day, on May 3, isn’t about rugs. It’s a day on which people are encouraged to look at the facts in their lives that they have shoved under the rug. This could lead to Immediate Divorce Day, but that’s not on the calendar.

Prepare to bust loose because May 14 is Dance Like a Chicken Day. (I’m hoping for a flash mob event.) On a more sedate note, Don’t Fry Day, promoting sun safety, is set for May 24. Wearing sunscreen and putting it on our kids are among the few pro-active things we can do to avoid getting cancer. So let’s just do it.

Of course, we have the traditional May days, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, but these other, low-profile events carry a certain cachet. How can you pull on your Thorlos on May 8? It’s No Sox Day, buddy, followed on May 9 by Lost Sox Day. (Look in the washing machine.)
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