All in the von Trapp family

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  Serviss noted that performing with younger students has also taught the high-schoolers in the von Trapp family to focus on working collaboratively and not to be distracted by schoolwork or the highs and lows of the school day. “You have to check yourself at the door,” she said. “But when you walk in and see little kids running around, it makes you happier anyway. You can’t help it – they’re so hyper.”

The students explained that, in addition to working with each other on stage, they have also made an effort to get to know each other. Miller noted that they have and continue to play games; Mepham’s von Trapps colored together at their first rehearsal. She explained that this has allowed a diverse group of students to work well together.

Grosskreuz said “The Sound of Music” is his favorite show that he has directed at Mepham thus far. Working with the children has been a pleasure, as they are eager to learn, and they pick up techniques quickly, he noted.

“I feel like they’ve always been here,” he said. “The high-schoolers are all really good to them. They get along really well.”

 McDonagh agreed that the older students “took them in,” making the trio more comfortable to work on the production. He also said he is learning a lot from them, which said will help him, Walsh and Wunderman when they participate in other performances in the future.

Wunderman, who noted that “The Sounds of Music” was one of her favorite films, agreed that being in the Mepham spring musical has been a great experience. “It’s really nice to be in a bigger environment and to work with older people,” she said. “It gives you an idea of what you might like to do when you’re older.”
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