Bellmore-Merrick Sandy group's plans are nearly complete

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It was unclear at press time how and when the Bellmore-Merrick Planning Committee’s final plan would be revealed publicly, and if this would occur before the committee submits it to the state at the end of this month.

Baker said he believes the community will be pleased with the plan that his committee will send to the state. “I think when it’s all over residents will be happy with what we’ve done and what the consultants have compiled in the report … They’ll see the hard work that’s been done, and hopefully we’ll get started with some improvements real soon,” Baker said.

Richard Landau, a retired Merokean whose house suffered serious damage during Hurricane Sandy and was one of the few local residents to attend multiple meetings of the Bellmore-Merrick Planning Committee, said that by now he has lost interest in the committee’s deliberations.

“I want to know how they’re going to stop the water,” Landau said. “That’s it.”

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