Future of the 1st Precinct remains uncertain

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Dale issued a statement last week describing these statistics as misleading, adding that they “inaccurately portrayed the state of Nassau County.”

Denenberg also questioned the savings the county would accrue from consolidation. He said that the precincts that merged had to spend thousands of dollars on trailers to accommodate officers and supplies that were moved. County Comptroller George Maragos explained that the county does not yet have a revised savings projection for the consolidation plan, but that it would be examined when the comptroller’s office prepares to close the books for the 2012 fiscal year after July.

Crime rates before/after precinct mergers

Precinct              Major Crimes reported          Major Crimes Reported
                                  1/1/12 - 4/8/12                      1/1/13 - 4/8/13

1 (in Baldwin)                  317                                                                    246
2 (absorbed 8)                407                                                                   348
3 (absorbed 6)                501                                                                   592
4 (absorbed 5)                470                                                                   508
7 (in Seaford)                  131                                                                    159


Chris Connolly contributed to this story.

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