Hypodermic needles found at Levy-Lakeside, parents react


A group of children recently came across hypodermic needles on the ground in back of Levy-Lakeside School, according to Merrick Superintendent Dominick Palma.

Several Merrick parents, who said they did not want their or their children’s names published in this story, said that the children are fifth-grade Lakeside students who were walking through the back of the school. At least one child called a parent, who rushed to the school, they said.

Sgt. David Veverka, an officer with the Nassau County Police Department’s 7th Precinct in Seaford, said someone called police to the school on Sept. 2 for hypodermic needles and that officers found and collected six unused, capped needles. He said the police did not find any drugs or drug residue.

“The incident in question was the hypodermics,” Veverka said. “They found the hypodermics; since then we haven’t had an incident yet. Since it was an isolated incident, I’d be surprised if it happened again.”

A photograph that the South Merrick Community Civic Association provided to the Herald Life appears to show needles on the ground outside Lakeside along with other items, including a tampon and cotton swabs, which drug users sometimes use to inject intravenous drugs.

SMCCA held a meeting on the evening of Sept. 24 at the golf course clubhouse at Merrick Road Park, at which residents discussed their concerns about trespassers at Lakeside and rumors about illegal and dangerous activities taking place on the school grounds after dark. Palma and Veverka attended the meeting, as did Keechant Sewell, a deputy commanding officer at the 7th Precinct; another 7th precinct police officer; two auxiliary police officers; Sheri Iskenderian, vice president of the Merrick Board of Education; Dave Denenberg, a Nassau County legislator from Merrick, and about 40 members of the public.

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