Town offers permit parking in Bellmore

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“As part of this council, I heard issues from all the stations and noticed that people from stations other than Merrick and Bellmore never complained about being able to find a place to park,” Borecky said. “The commuters have had many different concerns and issues.”

She has stood with Denenberg at each train station many times, she said, and estimated that 15 percent of commuters were coming to Merrick and Bellmore from the Town of Oyster Bay and Suffolk County to save money on fares.

Susan Trenkle-Pokalsky, a town spokeswoman, said that the permit program began because officials became aware that people from outside the Town of Hempstead were parking at local LIRR stations. Community members had written letters and gathered petition signatures calling for permit parking as recently as last weekend at the Bellmore Family Street Fair.

Borecky said she is thankful that permit parking is coming to Bellmore, but she still has concerns. “I would have liked to see the permitted spots prohibit parking before 7 a.m.,” she said. “This would help commuters who arrive to the station later than 7 a.m. a better opportunity to find a spot. But I do believe it will help alleviate some of the problems that the whole community has been discussing for a while now.”

Stuart Weinstein, vice president of the North Bellmore Civic Association, said that residents have also brought up parking issues at his group’s meetings. The board spoke to representatives of the town about those concerns, and Weinstein said he is thankful for the permit program.

“I think this is a good decision,” he said. “It will help the community and give Bellmore residents greater freedom to use mass transit.”

Residents can obtain resident permits on Oct. 11, 12, 18 and 19 at the Bellmore LIRR station, when, Murray said, the Mobile Town Hall will be stationed in Bellmore from 6 to 9 a.m. Residents can also obtain permits at Hempstead Town Hall after Oct. 3. Cullin, Murray and other town representatives will be at the Bellmore Train Station on Oct. 4 and 5 to hand out fliers about the program.

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