Herald Neighbors

Ax action with Arlen Roth


The “Master of the Telecaster” headlined this year’s two day, 7th annual New York Guitar Expo held at the Freeport Recreation Center. By 4 p.m. on Saturday, Roth, 65, known for his work with Paul Simon to Bob Dylan to James Taylor, was autographing memorabilia, playing songs and telling stories about his adventures in the music industry.

“Everyone can participate in this event,” Richard Johnson, coordinator and founder of the expo said. Guitar enthusiasts throughout the Northeast were seen making their way to not only meet Roth but to also spend an afternoon meeting with other guitar players.

The expo was Johnson’s vision to foster a community of musicianship that extended beyond Long Island but welcomed musicians from as close as New York City or even Connecticut.

“Before I started hosting this event, there really wasn’t an event that was dedicated to guitar players,” Johnson said.

The Expo is not only known for bringing musicians together, but also for its extensive eclectic collection of vintage guitar vendors. In past events, guitars have sold for as low as $300 to a whopping $100,000. Some of the guitar vendors have even sold art and handmade guitars for at least $14,000.

The event welcomed hundreds of musicians looking for new equipment or interested in starting a new hobby.