Oceanside says goodbye to longtime staff

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Diane Miller — 19 years
Middle School Reading Teacher


Diane loves words and reading. She is looking forward to the next chapter in her life in the “Windy City,” close to her family.

Dennie Rothman — 32 years
Middle School English Teacher

Dennie loves the beach, a great book to read on her Kindle and drinking iced

Bill Kipp — 25 years
Middle School Technology Teacher


Bill Kipp loves race cars, has compassion for dogs and a passion for
classic cars.

Anna Levendel — 25.5 years
High School Special Education Teacher

Anna rises at 4:30 am every day and calls her sister in Israel. The scholarship that she endows each year to a graduating senior began from a settlement that she was awarded from the Belgian government as compensation for the year she spent in hiding during the Holocaust. Instead of using it for herself, she created the scholarship.

Lynn Fishkind — 21 years
School 2, District-wide Elementary Guidance Counselor

Lynn will forever be known as the “DUSO” (Discover, Understanding Self and Others) lady, using a dolphin character to teach children interpersonal and safety skills.  Children loved to be in her friendship groups. Her soothing voice made students and staff feel like everything would be OK.

Fran Slovin — 37 years
Middle School Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher
    Fran is the ultimate party planner. From creating all the print materials for her daughter Abby’s wedding to creating the best school store on Long Island.

Maura McFeely — 26 years
School 4 Special Education Teacher

    Maura stays fit with bikram yoga, otherwise known as hot yoga. She kept lavender in her classroom and avoids high fructose corn syrup and other unhealthy options.

Debbie Lebowitz — 22 years
Kindergarten Teacher

Debbie exercises daily and is now working with a personal trainer to get in shape for her daughter Amy’s wedding in November. She has a place in Florida where she likes to swim and sunbathe. She enjoys traveling and is involved in a number of fundraisers on behalf of agencies that she has a personal attachment to. She loves attending

Ted Ehrman — 45 years
High School Social Studies Teacher


Ted was well known for his “Ehrmanomics”, which is his special blend of economics that held students to one of the highest standards in the state. You can even find a former Wikipedia page for Mr. Ehrman made by his students that lists some of his nicknames as Squirmin’ Ehrman and the Ehrmanator. Ted shaped students’ understanding of financial literacy for more than 40 years and has passed along his passion for his subject to countless students and teachers alike.

Frank Luisi — 25 years
High School English Teacher


Frank is the embodiment of the words “colleague” and “gentleman.” When it snowed during the day, he would the ladies from the department to their cars, tell them to turn on the heat and clear the snow from their windows. His kindness extended to the many students he has kept in touch with through the years, who understood the value of the many lessons he taught them.

Elizabeth (Betty) Stracuzzi — 24 years
School 8 Teacher Assistant

Betty loves her family, especially the pride she has in her son, Vincent, the doctor. Betty never has one hair out of place even on the windiest days out on the field. She loves to read aloud to the students, especially Junie B. Jones books — and she becomes the character.
    Betty works at C.A.R.E.S. after school as well as the Early Childhood Playground program each summer. In the Kindergarten Center, there was a boy who had a seizure. Betty was with the child and never left his side, rode in the ambulance and stayed at the hospital. She is truly dedicated to the children.

Arlene Parker — 34 years
High School Social Worker

Arlene received her Masters in Russian and Slavic Linguistics. Besides being a social worker, she is also certified to teach Russian and French.

Maryann Arnone — 21.5 years
Kindergarten Teacher

    Maryann enjoys boating. She has a place in Florida where she also has two grandchildren. Maryann was an Oceanside Federation of Teachers officer and was active in the union.

Rita Kaikow — 40.5 years
High School Librarian

Rita loves her dog, Princess. She is President of the Executive Board of the Long Island School Media Association and was a lifetime member of the American Library Association. She was also instrumental in the redesign of the high school Library.

Denise Kass — 23 years
School 5 Teacher

Denise once worked as a clown at parties. She has also been heard saying that her retirement dream job is to serve food samples to
customers at Costco.

Jack Cohen — 14.5 years
District-wide Buildings and Grounds worker

Jack helped keep our buildings operating effectively. He will now be a snowbird and looks forward to spending more time with his wife, children and grandchildren.

Ron Schoen — 27 years
School 8 Principal


Ron plays his xylophone every morning before announcements. He also loves to play the piano. He loves to share new books with staff and children. He thinks the annual 6th grade trip to Frost Valley is great for bonding. 
    Ron always gives kids a second chance, and a third and a fourth. He is a devoted son, brother, father and husband. Ron is a good sport — he would often participate in a play or show with the children or the staff.

Sharon Ann Katcher — 22 years
School 9E Librarian

Michael Cohen — 37 years
High School Psychologist


The following staff members were absent from the meeting:

Judith Acker — 21 years
School 3 Teacher

James Byrnes — 39 years
Middle School Social Studies Teacher

Nadine Rossen — 43 years
School 5 Art Teacher

Barbara Schwartz — 30 years
School 6 Speech and Language Teacher

Carol Hudak — 38 years
High School Clerk

Joyce Margolis — 18.5 years
High School Science Teacher

Thomas Montefinise — 41.5 years
High School Science Teacher

Linda Schroeder — 22 years
High School Clerk

Sandra Cohen — 25 years
District Office Clerk

Patricia Streb — 27 years
District Office Clerk

Theresa Powers — 26.5 years
DOCA Clerk

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