Letter: Thanks to Dave from Rockville Hardware


To the Editor:

Two days before Thanksgiving, my wife, Irene, decided to wash the windows. Around 4:30 in the afternoon, she asked if I could help — a window in the dining room was stuck and wouldn’t go all the way up.

I fiddled and pushed a lot and cussed a little for 15 minutes. Nothing. The window wouldn’t budge, either up or down. Irene called our son. Jack came over and fiddled and pushed but did not cuss. The window wouldn’t move.

I called Rockville Hardware to see if they knew of anyone who fixes windows. The owner, Dave, had been very helpful in the past. Dave gave me the number of a windows store.

Before we taped black plastic over the gap, Dave called from the hardware store, asked where I lived, said he would stop by and take a look after he closed for the day. He spent about half an hour working with the window, discovered the problem (a clip in the window track was broken), and managed to take the upper part of the window out of the track and get it back in so it would close tight. Thanks to Dave we had a pleasant and dry Thanksgiving dinner in our dining room.

Larry McCoy

Rockville Centre