Letters to the Editor: East Rockaway, Lynbrook

Jan. 24-30, 2013


We’ve earned Social Security

To the Editor:

Re Al D’Amato’s column “It’s time for some honesty about Social Security” (Jan. 17-23):

Social Security is not an entitlement for those of us who have contributed to the system. I paid into it from the time I was 13 until I retired in 2002. It’s my money! I paid into the system, and it’s now my time to collect.

It’s not my fault, nor the fault of all those others who have contributed, that Social Security is in such dire straights. Perhaps if Congress hadn’t started fiddling with the trust fund back in the Johnson administration, things would be different. Or if the politicians hadn’t started to use Social Security as a cash cow to pay off political debts by making people who never contributed a dime to the system eligible for benefits, perhaps things would be different.

Perhaps Washington should stop putting the blame for the Social Security mess on the recipients and place it squarely where it belongs, on the doorstep of Congress. What a novel idea!

I’m one very annoyed Social Security recipient.

John F. Marino, Island Park

Hoping for Suozzi return

To the Editor:

The upcoming election for Nassau County executive is extremely important for the future of the county. The election is especially crucial for young residents who hope to stay and raise their families here.  

Under Ed Mangano’s control, Nassau County has reached an all-time low.

Mangano’s mismanagement over the past three years has resulted in disastrous outcomes for our residents.

Since Mangano was elected, a state control board has taken over the county’s finances. Moreover, Nassau’s taxes have risen while the county’s credit and bond rating have plummeted. Mangano’s long list of failures includes the closure of half of the county’s police precincts and the loss of Nassau’s only professional sports team, the Islanders.  

Young residents see no hope for the future of Nassau County and have decided to move elsewhere to enjoy a higher quality of life.

In light of all this, I hope that former county executive Tom Suozzi, someone who cares about our future and who has a strong vision for a better Nassau, will reconsider his options and decide to run for county executive. We need him now more than ever.

Lauren Summa, President, Nassau County Young Democrats