Schools reeling from Sandy

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Board of Education Vice President Diana Caracciolo said that the district is planning to reopen Lincoln Orens on Nov. 13. It’s the elementary school that’s the problem.

According to Caracciolo, Francis X. Hegarty Elementary School won’t be able to open for three to six months. It leaves the district with hundreds of kids to teach and no where to do it.

“We’re looking to see if the Diocese of Rockville might have some empty schools we could use,” Caracciolo said. “We might put some Hegarty students at Lincoln Orens.”

Even if the schools open, there is still no electricity in Island Park to power the buildings and the traffic signals, making busing children perilous.

“We’d like to wait and make it more safe,” said Caracciolo.

The other problem that the district has to address, Caracciolo said, is finding their students, many of whom may have evacuated with their families after the storm.

“We may not even have kids to teach,” she said.

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