Letters to the Rockville Centre Herald Sept. 27, 2012


Where’s the other side?

To the Editor:

I have a question. Why are there only letters from attackers of Randi Kreiss, and none about the blatant, political, one-sided views of Al D’Amato? Could it possibly be that we’re hearing from people who believe their way is the best and only way to think and act? Isn’t this America, where we celebrate differences, show respect for other people’s opinions and views and read and digest information without spewing anger and hate? Or is this the Middle East?

Marilyn Avruskin

Rockville Centre

Passionate about vets

To the Editor:

For well over 50 years now, I have been submitting commentary to the News and Owl and the Rockville Centre Herald on many issues, in the form of letters to the editor. I must answer the comment made in “Clark’s views are his own” (Sept. 20-26).

I was at Lance Cpl. Greg Buckley’s funeral Mass, wearing my Vietnam Veteran ID as well as my Rockville Centre American Legion Past Commander cap.

I witnessed the heart-wrenching grief displayed by both parents of the young Marine and the deep sorrow of the young students from Oceanside schools who knew and admired young Greg. As a Vietnam veteran, I saw and felt the same anguish in the faces and hearts of parents who lost their sons in Vietnam.

I knew of Mr. and Mrs. Buckley’s statements regarding their feelings about keeping our troops in Afghanistan to train the Afghans, while Al Qaeda has used the opportunity to assassinate our troops in a jihad-driven vendetta. Their son Greg was one such victim. The Buckleys had made statements urging our political leaders to bring our troops home now instead of risking other American lives in a futile effort to turn Afghanistan into some effective, peaceful pro-Western democracy.

I agree with the Buckleys, but I made no statement that those views were the policy of the American Legion.

All of my letters are signed appropriately. I am a past president, past commander, national board member, etc., of many organizations to which I belong.

I would suggest strongly that members of the American Legion read their monthly magazines, and the history of the American Legion. They will find that the Legion has been first and foremost in politics by recommending and supporting congressional legislation.

As far as supporting either the Republicans or Democrats, that is different. In that regard, no partisan politics are allowed. Legionnaires are prohibited from endorsing one candidate or political party over another. That has been a tradition, and one that is carefully guarded.

My statements in the Herald in no way violated those time-honored traditions. But my words did honor the deep and passionate pleas of heartbroken parents. Young American warriors in harm’s way are not to be used as pawns by politicians.

I have dedicated most of my adult life in the service of veterans, men and women in uniform and the families they love. At this stage of my life, I don’t intend to march to a different drummer.

Mickey Clark

Veterans advocate,

Past commander

American Legion Post 303

Rockville Centre