Put an end to gerrymandering in November

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“Legislative gerrymandering is the single biggest factor contributing to the dysfunction and chaos of New York State government,” says Citizens Union, and we agree.

After decades of hardly any reputable action to reform this intrinsically corrupt practice, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Legislature passed a state constitutional amendment in 2012 and 2013 that mandates an independent commission to handle redistricting before the 2022 election. The commission will include unaffiliated and third-party members for the first time, and have an equal number of majority and minority members with co-executive directors chosen by the commission, not the Legislature’s majority party. For more information on what the amendment calls for, visit http://bit.ly/TXqpPK.

The amendment now needs voter approval. We urge you to start looking at its details and benefits now so you will be ready to cast your vote in favor of it.

With all due respect and praise to the honest, hardworking, dedicated and effective legislators in Albany — and Nassau County has some of the best — passage of this amendment would be a promising step forward toward a state government that can be trusted to do the people’s business, not its own.

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