Rockville Centre schools celebrate post-Sandy thanksgiving


The Rockville Centre elementary schools celebrated Thanksgiving in a myriad of ways, often with reflection on Hurricane Sandy’s effect on the surrounding area.

The students of Covert Elementary School dressed up and celebrated with a feast and the students of Riverside Elementary School wrote letters to first responders who helped the village during Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath.

Due to Hurricane Sandy, this year, Riverside School decided to celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving all in one day, nicknamed “Fall Fest”. The children wore their Halloween costumes to school and to the Thanksgiving Feast.

Watson Elementary School hosted a performance by the band “The Turn” on Nov. 21 to celebrate a post-Hurricane Sandy Thanksgiving and to welcome students displaced from other communities.

“The Turn” is comprised of two Rockville Centre residents, Brian Ripps and Pat McDermott, the brother of an employee at the school.

The money raised from the concert, $620, will be donated to The Captain James Corrigan Foundation, which is running a Hurricane Sandy Relief fund.

The band began their concert with “Eight Days a Week,” and played other songs like “Party Rock” and music by artist Justin Bieber.