Secret agents take on the gold at St. Agnes


On March 8, shouts of “Go Gold, Go Green” could be heard coming from St. Agnes Cathedral School gymnasium. It was the annual Green and Gold Night, featuring grade 7 students as “secret agent green” vs. grade 8 students “gold goes for the gold!” Competition between the grades includes obstacle courses, foul shooting, team jump-roping, basketball, volleyball, and creative movement exercises. The evening event is coordinated by Kathleen Cook, the school’s physical education teacher. The evening culminates a week- long celebration of spirit week. In addition to the athletic competitions of the evening, the grades also design their theme related tee-shirts and prop which are included in team scores.

During spirit week, members of the student body were encouraged to show their support for their favorite team by purchasing and wearing green and gold “bead” necklaces. Funds collected from the sale of the beads were donated to the Parish Outreach Program.

A fun night was had by all, but especially by the grade 8 GOLD team who “went for the gold” and beat the grade 7 team!