South Side Middle School celebrates healthy living


Local Rockville Centre businesses came together Oct. 3 at South Side Middle School to provide the students with tips, activities and refreshments centered on an active, healthy lifestyle.

According to Judy Griffin, a holistic health coach and the committee chairperson for the middle school’s Health & Wellness Fair, the students were provided access to a variety of experts, including representatives from Winthrop Hospital, the Rockville Centre police department, and CONFIDE Counseling Center.

HUMAN Healthy Vending provided sample healthy foods that vending machines could be stocked with, like all natural Pop Chips, granola bars and protein drinks. Griffin said that the healthy vending machine snacks impressed the SSMS PTA president, who plans to pursue integrating them into the school.

She added that Rockville Centre’s new Key Food donated 15 cases on coconut water for the event.

“We asked local businesses to support the event by coming and offering some food for breakfast and lunch and we had a nice spread from them,” Griffin said. “We also had two physical therapists, a karate instructor and a yoga instructor who was very popular. There was always a group of at least 10 kids by her.”

According to Griffin, 900 students attended the fair throughout the day. The point of the fair, she said, was to show the students that there are many ways to pursue a healthy and happy life.

“One of the main things is just showing the kids how there are so many ways to be healthy and make yourself feel good other than drugs and alcohol,” Griffin said. “The whole thing is a healthier lifestyle. It makes a big difference.”